Michelle's Story

Michelle is a single mom in Lorain doing everything she can to take care of her family. She has one son, an elderly mother that she attends to, and is going to school part-time. This is all on top of her part-time job as a nursing assistant to pay the bills. Even with her work, she barely makes ends meet with rent, her car payment, her car insurance, food, school, and providing the support to her family. This all became too much when her mother's apartment was burglarized and she had to pay to move her to a new place. This left her in quite a jam with her other payments which meant she needed to increase her hours at work leaving no more time for school.

Without school, Michelle wasn't sure how she was going to be able to break this cycle. This led her to looking into a program she had seen a flyer about called WE3: Women Empowered, Educated, and Employed. This new collaborative effort is funded by United Way of Greater Lorain County and focuses its efforts on helping hard-working single moms gain sustainable employment.

A WE3 case manager was able to meet with Michelle to gain a better understanding of her situation. The case manager was able to help Michelle get back on track with a more flexible school schedule. She was also able to participate in the WE3 program which helped prepare her before she applied for full-time employment.

It has been almost a year since Michelle originally met with that WE3 case manager. Since then, she was able to apply for a job within a local hospital system that strongly supports the collaborative effort. She obtained full-time employment through them with a flexible schedule to fit her and her family's needs. She is also back in school and doing well. The case manager and Michelle check-in often.

Michelle was doing all that she could for her family but just needed an extra boost to break the cycle. Because of your support, WE3 was able to help her reprioritize to build a better life long-term. Together, we were able to help get Michelle and her family on track. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other families like Michelle's across Greater Lorain County.

Check out our Community Collaboratives page to learn more about WE3 and our other efforts here.

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