WE3 Launches First Mentorship Initiative

The WE3: Women Empowered, Educated, & Employed Community Collaborative launched its first mentorship initiative on Thursday, November 8, 2018. The program is focused on connecting cohort participants to community members with diverse backgrounds that are willing to share their vast arrays of knowledge, skills, and experience. The mentorship program, which is designed to offer an additional layer of ongoing guidance and support to participants, will be incorporated into the existing community collaborative's cohort structure which includes five weeks of skills-based training and preparation for employment.

The program is currently seeking community members interested in volunteering their time as part of this initiative - upon completion of a brief screening and training process, mentors will be matched one-on-one with program participants and will be asked to check in with their mentee monthly via phone, text, email, or coffee. Mentors may provide support or insight on topics such as: time management, troubleshooting in professional situations, how to navigate job searching, personal finance, and goal setting. 

If interested in becoming a mentor and sharing your experience with a woman transitioning through a period of growth, learning, and maximizing potential for success, please contact our Manager of Programs, Charlotte Lewis at charlotte@handsonneo.org or (440) 277-6530 ext. 238.

For more on how WE3 is helping hard-working single moms throughout Greater Lorain County increase their earning capacity to become and remain economically secure and self-sufficient, visitwww.lorainccc.edu/support-services/we3/

WE3 is one of 11 Community Collaboratives powered by United Way of Greater Lorain County that are working to improve the health, education, & financial stability of all residents in our communities. Learn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here.