United Way of Greater Lorain County Extends Commitment to Common VIEW Through 2020 and Adds Firelands Schools to the Community Collaborative

11.16.17 United Way of Greater Lorain County announced today that it has committed nearly $300,000 over the next three years to continue providing health resources to middle school students in the Clearview and Midview school districts in an effort to improve educational and social outcomes. The collaborative will also expand to include Firelands Local Schools.

Common VIEW, which stands for Vision for Improved Education and Wellness, is led by the Lorain County General Health District and includes nine partners working together to improve health knowledge, develop soft skills, and create school environments in which risky behaviors are avoided. The goal of the collaborative is to ensure safer schools and positive social environments that improve both educational and social outcomes for students in the districts.

The partners of Common VIEW are collecting data that shows a connection between healthy living and positive social behaviors. Since launching, students in Common VIEW’s target schools have increased their total minutes of physical activity and have greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables at lunch. The same schools have also seen a 50 percent decrease in lunchtime discipline referrals.

“We are grateful to our donors and the partners of Common VIEW for making the impactful work of this Community Collaborative possible,” said United Way executive director Bill Harper. “We’re excited to continue taking this innovative and proactive approach alongside the Lorain County General Health District and many great partners as we extend our commitment to Clearview and Midview, and expand our reach through the addition of Firelands.”

Additional Common VIEW partners include Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board of Lorain County, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Educational Service Center of Lorain County, Lorain County Board of Mental Health and the Lorain County Volunteer Connection.

“Throughout the first three years of Common VIEW, consistency and commitment have been major strengths of the Collaborative. I’m really appreciate of how the partners have worked together to break down silos, which has led to us creating a much larger impact than any of us could have alone,” said Kat Solove, health education specialist with the Lorain County General Health District and one of the coordinators of the Common VIEW Community Collaborative.

The Health District had already been working closely with Firelands on other initiatives and the district shared a vision with the partners of Common VIEW, leading to the new partnership. The addition of Firelands will expand the geographic footprint of United Way and the Common VIEW Partners, while enhancing the existing work of the Health District within the Firelands district.

“Firelands Local School District is honored to join the Common VIEW Community Collaborative. Through the generosity of the United Way of Greater Lorain County, we are excited to add to and enhance our existing programs that address the health and wellness of our students,” said Firelands Superintendent Mike Von Gunten.