UCAN Helps Over 1,300 Greater Lorain County Families

UCAN has surpassed the 1,300 mark when it comes to the low-income working families it serves.

Over the last three years, the UCAN collaborative has provided emergency financial assistance to those families at an average of $600 per household. Through this support, these families have avoided utility disconnections, evictions, and even job loss when a critical car repair proved too costly for the family budget. The top reason for needing assistance is unpaid medical leave while transportation is a growing factor. 

The assistance is provided through a network of eight local social services agencies and includes budgeting counseling and access to emergency food and household supplies.

UCAN is a Community Collaborative that is helping low-income families across Greater Lorain County get back on their feet during a times of crisisLearn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here.