Financial Stability

Sharonda's Story

Raising a seven year old daughter and expecting a little boy on her own, Sharonda felt the day-to-day burden of trying to make ends meet for her family. After making a mistake and facing prison time for being involved in something she didn’t even know was a crime, Sharonda's struggles started to become seemingly insurmountable.

Leo & Amy's Story

Leo and Amy's family were a few payments away from losing everything. Leo, Amy, and their daughters were a happy family living in Vermilion until an unexpected illness took over. Amy suddenly grew sicker by the day and had to stop working. Leo took on a second job to help ends meet. Then he took on a third job, but he knew the long hours and the toll it was taking on his body just wasn't sustainable. Despite their best efforts, the family struggled and didn't have anywhere left to turn.

Matt's Story

Matt was living in Oberlin when he was laid off from his job. For months, Matt actively looked for a new job but he was struggling in his search. As the days stretched on, Matt's savings were dwindling along with his pantry. Matt was growing anxious and depressed as more and more of his life was out of his control.

Sydney's Story

Sydney is a single mom just getting started. She lives in Elyria, is in her early twenties, and works hard to provide for her two young children. When tax season came around a year ago, Sydney went to a paid preparer as she knew very little about taxes. Despite having a very simple return, she ended up having to pay over $300. For a young mom living paycheck to paycheck, that bill hit hard.

James & Chrissy's Story

James and Chrissy were a happy couple with steady jobs expecting their first child. All was well until Chrissy learned her pregnancy was becoming high-risk and she was going to have to be put on bed rest until the birth of their child. As James became the only income for the family, his car broke down and repairs were too much for the couple.