Rising Titans

Rising Titans is a Community Collaborative focused on improving kindergarten readiness for children in Lorain through four identified pillars of early learning success including parent engagement, family empowerment, healthy children, and resources for providers.

Goal: A community where families have access to the tools they need for kindergarten readiness, parent Advisory Committees help shape the process, all children entering kindergarten have comprehensive health screenings and immunizations, homecare providers are integrated with formal early-learning centers through professional development and coordinated services, and new services are added that eliminate any new barriers to early learning success.

Initiatives: Identify and provide services to children needing interventions, provide tools and resources to homecare providers, coordinate services between childcare centers and the school district, and work with families to provide additional supports as needed.

Partners: Childcare Resource Center | Horizon Education Centers | Little Lighthouse Learning Center | Lorain City Schools | Lorain County Community Action Agency | Lorain County Health & Dentistry | Lorain County Community College | Lorain County Public Health | Lorain Public Library System | Neighborhood Alliance | United Way of Greater Lorain County

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