Our Team

United Way of Greater Lorain County Staff

Ryan Aroney
President & CEO
ryan.aroney@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x226

Dianne Brehm
Chief Finance Officer
dianne.brehm@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x234

Ashley Renée Hampson
Marketing & Engagement Director
ashley.hampson@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x239

Christine Matusik-Plas
Community Impact Director
christine.matusikplas@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x231

Matt Brady
Data & Impact Initiatives Manager
matthew.brady@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x225

Caitlin Cicero
Finance & Database Specialist
caitlin.cicero@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x222


Robbi Goodwin
Office Coordinator
robbi.goodwin@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x221

Alex Moen
Donor Engagement Specialist
alexandra.moen@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x229

Sharon Pearson
Mobility Manager
sharon.pearson@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x223

Norma Sánchez
Volunteer Engagement Manager
norma.sanchez@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x230

Ariel Stadden
Marketing Specialist
ariel.stadden@uwloraincounty.org | Ph: 440-277-6530 x238

Miranda Mueller
AmeriCorps State & National Member Community Engagement Coordinator
miranda.mueller@uwloraincounty.org | Ph:440-277-6530 x102

2020-2021 Officers

Hallie Smith-Petee
Nordson Corporation

JR White
Fauver Co.

Edward Baker
Apex Wealth Management, LLC

2020-2021 Directors

Marilyn Alejandro-Rodriguez
Cleveland Clinic

Jade Blair

Brad Calabrese
University Hospitals Avon Health Center

Dawn Dailey, CPA
Dawn M. Dailey, CPA

Garis Distelhorst
Retired - LCCC Foundation

Franco Gallo
Lorain County Educational Service Center

Jose Gonzalez, III
HX5Sierra, LLC

Marsalis Hammons
Leaders of Today, Inc.

Judy Hopkins
Insurance Partners Agency, LLC

Stacy Kilgore
Avient Corporation

Will Nordloh
Avient Corporation

Kathy Papp
Retired - Capital University

Brad Yuronich
Ridge Tool Company

United Way of Greater Lorain County aspires to be a model of diversity and inclusion.  In order to fulfill our mission, we celebrate human differences and nurture an environment where people feel supported, listened to, and able to do their personal best.

It is our intent to demonstrate these goals by having a governing board, staff, and volunteers that reflect the many faces, and walks of life, which proudly make up our community.

Valuing diversity includes respecting and appreciating each person regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, military status, pregnancy, familial status, genetic information or sexual orientation.  Inclusion and diversity brings together people with unique individual backgrounds to collectively and more effectively address the issues facing our communities.
It is our expectation, therefore, that our partners, strategies, and investments will reflect these core commitments and principles. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to Live United and advance the common good; to be a diverse and inclusive system is fundamental to achieving our mission and goals in education, income and health.   Therefore, United Way of Greater Lorain County will only invest in collaboratives, agencies, programs and services that ascribe to the same commitments and principles. 

Individuals will only be excluded from employment and program participation based on bonafide occupational or program qualifications.  The qualification should relate to an essential job duty or program requirement that is considered necessary for operation of the agency or program.  Furthermore, in order to establish the defense of the bonafide occupational or program qualification, the agency must prove that the requirement is necessary to the success of the agency or program and that the excluded group or class of employees or participants would be unable to perform the job duties or participate in the program safely and efficiently.

An example of a bonafide occupational qualification is mandatory retirement age for bus drivers and airplanes for safety reasons.   An example of a bonafide program qualification is a documented disability for a participant in an employment training program designed for individuals with disabilities.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding our Diversity and Inclusion please contact us at 440-277-6530.