OberlinKids' "OK Kindergarten Readiness" Event Prepared Parents

Our Community Collaborative, OberlinKids, threw an event on Saturday, April 28th. The "OK Kindergarten Readiness" event had 30 people in attendance. The day was set it up like a big playgroup,  where there was 4 different stations. The purpose of the event was to teach parents how to use cheap, recyclable things when catering to their children. The event pointed out that parents don’t need to buy a lot at times when it comes to their kids,  they can use flashcards, worksheets and more when preparing their child's education. For example, one student wasn’t able to use scissors, OberlinKids taught the student how with a song. After this, the student was using scissors by the end of the event. OberlinKids shifted the parents' perspectives on the activities they need to promote to engage their kids in different types of learning.

For more information and to sign up for OberlinKids, click here to go to oberlinkids.org

OberlinKids is a Community Collaborative that is improving kindergarten readiness in the Oberlin City School District. Learn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here.