Oberlin Kids Offering Half Day Preschool Scholarship Program

Oberlin Kids is working to provide affordable, high-quality preschool for every child in the Oberlin School District through a new Half Day Preschool Scholarship Program.

The program, funded through grant dollars from The Ohio Children's Foundation, will offer $20,000 in scholarships to assist families of children ages 3-5 with tuition to attend preschool in the Oberlin area. The program will specifically target those families demonstrating the most need. While removing the obstacle of financial hardship, the goal of the program is to ensure that all children in Oberlin have the opportunity to attend at least one year of high-quality preschool prior to entering kindergarten. Attaining at least one year of preschool is important for a child's development as it helps them gain valuable skills including socialization and problem-solving.

Families must be eligible for Oberlin Kids and have completed a snapshot prior to entering the program. For more information, additional eligibility guidelines, and for applications, check out their website here: oberlinkids.org

Oberlin Kids is a Community Collaborative that is improving kindergarten readiness in the Oberlin City School District. Learn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here.