OberlinKids is a Community Collaborative focused on developing solutions to ensure all children enter school healthy and ready to learn.

Goal: Identify the needs of each pre-school aged child and their family and put them on a track to be prepared for kindergarten.  According to the OberlinKids collaborative partners, being ready to learn includes four key areas – having basic needs met, being developmentally ready, having adequate support in place for the child and family, and participating as a family in transition to kindergarten activities.

Initiatives: Support the parents and families by providing the resources necessary to encourage a child’s development. Families who reside in Oberlin can sign-up with OberlinKids to obtain free resources on child development, access to family events and play groups, health and nutritional resources and services, learning check-ups for their child, referral support, books and much more.

Partners: Child Care Resource Center | City of Oberlin | Kendal Early Learning Center | Lorain County Children and Family First Council | Lorain County Community Action Agency | Lorain County Health & Dentistry | Lorain County Public Health | Oberlin Business Partnership | Oberlin City Schools | Oberlin College Bonner Center for Service and Learning | Oberlin Community Services | Oberlin Early Childhood Center | Oberlin Public Library | OhioGuidestone | United Way of Greater Lorain County

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If you'd like to enroll a child in OberlinKids or see their calendar of events, please visit oberlinkids.org