United Way of Greater Lorain County Stands with our African American Community

United Way of Greater Lorain County stands with our African American community as we believe that every person is entitled to being treated with dignity and respect – including equal treatment and access to justice. Recent events have once again exposed our society’s underlying racism, prejudice, and privilege that prevent too many people from being treated with the humanity and respect they deserve. These incidents are unacceptable and go against everything that United Way, our volunteers, and our partners fight for every day.

All people of all backgrounds and identities must call out discrimination and demand its removal from our society; otherwise we are endorsing the status quo and are complicit in the continued abuse that follows.

We thank our friends and colleagues from the Elyria YWCA, the Lorain County Urban League and many more for fighting racism everyday. We encourage you to get involved with these great organizations now more than ever.