Southside Pride Takes Field Trip to Ohio State for Spring Game and Campus Tour

The Southside Pride Community Collaborative bussed 20 elementary and middle school students from South Elyria to Columbus for the Ohio State Spring Game and a tour of the Ohio State campus on Saturday, April 13th.

Tickets to the game were donated by the Elyria YWCA and transportation was provided by the Pride Ride, a Horizon Education Centers bus that typically is used to connect kids in Elyria to Southside Pride after school programming.

The field trip was the first opportunity for many of the kids to step foot on a college campus, and it was the first opportunity for all of them to see a game live at Ohio Stadium. In addition to watching the game, the kids saw the band perform, toured the campus, and learned about the monuments located across campus.

"This was a fun way for us to bring attention to what a college campus looks like and help the kids start to imagine themselves in college one day," said Southside Pride coordinator Dustin English. "It was great to see them take in the atmosphere during the game and across the campus as this really was a special occasion for them."

Southside Pride is a Community Collaborative that supports at-risk middle school students in South Elyria with services both inside and outside of the school.  Learn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here.