Salad Ingredients Supplied Every Wednesday for Seniors

Every Wednesday North Ridgeville Community Care volunteers set up an array of fresh salad offerings for seniors to take home with them. Seniors are able to pick the salad options they want – all for free. 

Salad Wednesdays started 4 years ago and has been very popular among the residents. Within the past year, they have included rotating, high quality ingredients which are proudly sponsored by The Northridge Health Center as part of our North Ridgeville Heart and Sole Community Collaborative

As the residents walk In, they are presented with a survey about which vegetable is their favorite. June Yost, CEO of NRCC for the past 26 years, wants to ensure she is providing the residents with the foods they actually want and hopes it encourages them to make smarter meal decisions.

Sherry, who has been coming for a few years has definitely noticed a change in her eating habits since coming to Salad Wednesdays. “Now when I get hungry, I look for a salad!” She has also started to take more notice of labels on all the food she puts in her shopping cart.  “I can’t change it, all I can do is avoid it”.


Learn more about all food distriburtion locations offered by calling 2-1-1 or visiting the website here.

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