Leo & Amy's Story

Leo and Amy's family were a few payments away from losing everything. Leo, Amy, and their daughters were a happy family living in Vermilion until an unexpected illness took over. Amy suddenly grew sicker by the day and had to stop working. Leo took on a second job to help ends meet. Then he took on a third job, but he knew the long hours and the toll it was taking on his body just wasn't sustainable. Despite their best efforts, the family struggled and didn't have anywhere left to turn.

Leo and Amy knew that they were at the point where they needed to ask for help, so they finally decided to turn to a local agency. They learned that this agency was part of a new collaborative effort called the United Community Assistance Network, also known as UCAN. This new program, led by United Way of Greater Lorain County, provides emergency financial assistance to working families like Leo and Amy. The partners of UCAN never had budgets for rent assistance before this new collaborative, but now they had access to a central pool of funds specifically for instances like this.

A UCAN case manager sat down with Leo and Amy to learn about their situation. They discussed exactly what would need to be done to get them back on track and established a long-term plan. This plan included working with other partners to find their family a more affordable housing option, but still in the same school district so they didn't disrupt the girl's education.

More than two years have passed and Leo and Amy's family is in a much better place today. Amy is recovering from her illness and back to work, Leo is no longer working a third job, and they are financially stable.

Leo, Amy, and their daughters are a regular family that had an unexpected crisis happen to them. Because of your support, UCAN was able to help them get through their tough time and get back to their lives. Together, we were able to help this family get over their bump and not let it spiral their lives out of their control. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other families like Leo, Amy and their daughters across Greater Lorain County.

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