Host a 2019 “Fill the Bus” School Supply Drive for Lorain County Elementary Schools

Give your staff and/or customers an opportunity to be a Game Changer for local kids by collecting high-need items that will be distributed by Lorain County Elementary School teachers directly to the students and classrooms who need them most during the first week of school.

1. Set Dates

We recommend running a two to four week drive between now and August 19th when we’ll  be sorting the items for delivery to schools. Donors have several options for drop off:
• Your location during your collection period
• Order from Amazon Wish List to be shipped directly to United Way (links on lists below)
• United Way Center for Community Transformation
      642 Broadway Ave., Lorain
      8:00am-4:30pm, M-F
• United Way Campaign Kickoff
      Mike Bass Ford at 5050 Detroit Rd., Sheffield
      August 16th, 11:30am-1:00pm

2. Display “Supply List” Tags & a Bus Box

We provide all materials! Donors can choose a tag in one of the below categories & drop off these high-need (sometimes surprising) items that many elementary school students are expected to bring on the first day of school. The items highlighted are the ones we’re focused on though all supplies collected will be distributed!
1) Grades K-2 Supplies (
-Dry erase markers (fine point, black)
-Thick (Laddie) Pencils
-Headphones (over the ear, new or used)
2) Grades 3-5 Supplies (
-Dry Erase Markers (fine point, black)
-Notebooks (wide-ruled, single subject)
3) Arts & Writing Supplies (
-Crayons (24 count)
-Glue sticks or white glue
-Large erasers / pencils
4) Classroom Supplies (
-Cleaning supplies (paper towels, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues)
-Ziplock bags (gallon/sandwich)
-Post-it notes

3. Arrange a Pickup

When your drive has completed or anytime your bus fills up, contact us and we’ll come to empty it!

4. Share your Impact

Once we’ve collected, sorted, & tallied all of the buses throughout the county, we’ll tell you how many kids your team helped get ready for the first day of school.
We’ll even give you a social media post you can use to tell your network about your impact.