Chris & C.J.'s Story

Chris lives in Oberlin with his three young children. Right before the holiday season, Chris became a single father and had to reduce his hours at work in order to be available more for his children. These unexpected twists led to financial troubles with medical bills, food, and holiday expenses for Chris and his family. Despite never needing to reach out before, Chris realized that he had reached a point where he needed help.

While adjusting to his new life, Chris enrolled his youngest son, C.J., at an early learning center and learned about the Oberlin Kids Community Collaborative and the free services offered through its efforts. After signing C.J. up for the program, he and his family received a free developmental snapshot. This snapshot is a tool used to detect if children are on the right track for kindergarten developmentally and is an opportunity for families to get connected with resources and materials as needed.

During the snapshot, Chris learned that C.J. needed to make an appointment with an eye doctor as he had a possible amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye. The Oberlin Kids Coordinator was also able to connect Chris with a local partner to obtain a professional vision evaluation and services at a rate he could afford.  

Knowing Chris' recent struggles, the coordinator also connected Chris with another local partner that was able to provide the family with food. Chris and his family were then included in local gift assistance programs - including one linked with Oberlin Kids families - that donated boxes filled with food and gifts so that the family could celebrate the holidays. 

A few months have passed and Chris' family is flourishing. He is back to working full-time, he is caught up on his bills, and he is able to support his family. He and his family no longer need any assistance and are extremely appreciative of all of the people and service providers who have helped them through this rough patch. C.J. was also now on the right track towards being ready for kindergarten.  

Chris' circumstances are not uncommon and because of your support, Oberlin Kids and its partners were able to help him and his family get through their challenges. Together, we were able to provide a wrap-around approach to help not just Chris' children, but also the entire family. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other children and families throughout the Oberlin City School District.

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