Bike Blender at Durling Middle School to Encourage Healthier Lifestyles

Durling Middle School's "Fender Blender" has been a big hit with students and staff ever since the Lorain Lions Club donated a bike blender in the fall of 2017 as part of Clearview's work with Common VIEW. Students are able to create "Signature Smoothies" that include different fruits and vegetables.  All students have the chance to pedal themselves a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, and the bike is often used to help some diabetic students to better control their insulin levels.  Even the staff at Durling Middle School will pedal their way to a calmer afternoon or use the bike to get a little exercise during their lunch and planning times!

Common VIEW is a Community Collaborative that is improving middle school success in the Clearview and Midview School Districts. Learn more on this Community Collaborative and our others here