Ben's Story

Ben is a retiree living in North Ridgeville. He lived a pretty active lifestyle leading up to retirement but didn't always watch what he ate which led to high blood pressure issues. So when he stopped working and moved to North Ridgeville, he wanted to continue to be involved, get his health back on track, and to be of service to others. He had never lived in the North Ridgeville community so he was new to the area and wasn't sure where to turn.

Through some researching, Ben was connected with several partners of a collaborative effort called North Ridgeville Heart and Sole. He regularly began participating in programming such as a Wednesday Senior Salad Bar, informational luncheons or programs, and dances. Ben even participated in a couple walking challenges as well.

Since being connected with North Ridgeville Heart and Sole, Ben has seen changes in both his mindset and his health. He learned that he had a love for vegetables that he had no idea existed. He had the opportunity to try new options such as raw soybeans, blood oranges, carrot juice, avocados, and pinto beans. He also started cutting out red meat, creamy sauces, and fried foods from his diet. These changes have caused him to lose weight and has dropped his normally high blood pressure. He even is feeling much happier because this new community gives him the flexibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage to do activities that he loves - including volunteering. He frequently visits local nursing homes and has developed friendships with clients he helps.

Ben is now, as he puts it, "living the dream". Because of your support, North Ridgeville Heart and Sole was able to create a wrap-around service community that offered him everything he could want at this point in his life. Together, we were able to improve Ben's health and happiness. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other individuals like Ben across Greater Lorain County.

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