Matt's Story

Matt was living in Oberlin when he was laid off from his job. For months, Matt actively looked for a new job but he was struggling in his search. As the days stretched on, Matt's savings were dwindling along with his pantry. Matt was growing anxious and depressed as more and more of his life was out of his control.

Matt knew he needed help and was told to call 2-1-1, our 24-hour First Call for Help service. The operators at 2-1-1 have access to a vast database that lists agencies and organizations within our community that offer services ranging from food assistance to Veteran resources to volunteer opportunities.

The 2-1-1 operator on duty that evening was able to connect Matt with an organization minutes away from his house that provided him with food assistance and mental health services.

About six months have passed since Matt made the call and things are looking up. Days after he received the help he needed, he was able to start a new job. He was even given an advance that helped him get back on track with his bills. With the uncertainty of his situation behind him, Matt's anxiety has subsided and he has a positive outlook towards his future.

Matt was dealing with the common struggle of unemployment that many can relate to. Because of your support, 2-1-1 was able to connect him to life-saving services. Together, we were able to help him overcome his challenges and thrive. We hope you'll join us as we continue to provide support to other people like Matt across Greater Lorain County.

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