United Way of Greater Lorain County

Lorain County Needs Assessment

When one child suffers in Lorain County, we all suffer. When one individual succeeds in Lorain County, we all succeed.

Strong individuals create strong families. Strong families create strong communities. And strong communities create a strong Lorain County.

Together, we can provide for our most fragile residents, support those in need, and help build up those who have fallen into unforeseen hardship. We do it together.

Sadly, the needs assessment in Lorain County demonstrates that we have to work together to help create opportunities for success for our friends and neighbors.

Why give to United Way of Greater Lorain County?

  • More children living in poverty
  • One of every six residents received public food assistance in 2008
  • Mortgage foreclosures hit all-time high in 2009 and have been increasing steadily since 2000
  • Median household income decreasing
  • Infant mortality six times higher for African-Americans
  • High "lifestyle" diseases (colon cancer, coronary heart disease, lung cancer and stroke)
  • More people living alone (one of four) and social isolation can be as harmful to health as smoking and alcoholism
  • Access to health care strongly correlated with educational attainment, employment status
  • High school graduation rates and performance vary greatly by school district

Review additional information about Lorain County statistics here.


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