United Way of Greater Lorain County


United Way of Greater Lorain County (UWGLC) is an independent, private not-for-profit organization that is rated as a 4-Star charity by Charity Navigator. As such, it is governed by a board of directors committed to fulfilling the aspirations of its moral owners, the residents of Lorain County and Vermilion and Florence Townships in Erie County, Ohio. UWGLC was granted it's not-for-profit status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. UWGLC also meets or exceeds all requirements established by the State of Ohio.

UWGLC proudly displays the United Way logo as a member of over 1,400 affiliates of United Way Worldwide (UWW). With its sister organizations, UWGLC meets all the requirements of UWW and aspires to the highest level of the United Way Standards of Excellence. The most recent assessment of UWGLC by community members, volunteers, board members and staff is attached to this report. Although UWGLC is a member of the UWW network, the most recognizable and most successful philanthropy in the world, all resources under management by UWGLC are invested in our local community.

The UWGLC board of directors is responsible for:

  • Implementing the organization's mission, vision, and values,
  • Ensuring effective organizational planning,
  • Ensuring the organization's legal, ethical, moral and fiduciary integrity,
  • Maintaining accountability,
  • Determining, monitoring and strengthening the programs and services of the organization,
  • Ensuring adequate financial and personnel resources,
  • Approving financial plans,
  • Overseeing financial management,
  • Contributing financially to the organization and giving leadership to fundraising efforts,
  • Hiring and supporting the executive director, and
  • Recruiting, orienting and training directors and assessing overall board performance.

The Finance Committee of the board provides an annual operational budget to the board, monitors income and expenses during the fiscal year, provides financial reports to the board, sets, reviews and reports on investment strategies and policies for UWGLC's assets and recommends to the Board funds available for community impact.

The Audit Committee of the board selects, contracts with and oversees the performance of the annual independent financial audit, ensures that adequate internal controls are in place and ensures that a whistleblower policy has been established, communicated to staff and is functioning as intended.

The Ethics Committee of the board designates an ethics officer for UWGLC and establishes procedures for the board, staff and community members to submit ethical complaints and conduct evaluations of complaints in a confidential manner. The Ethics Committee also annually reviews all conflict of interest disclosures from board members and takes action necessary to preserve the integrity of UWGLC's governance.

The Executive Director of United Way of Greater Lorain County is William P. Harper, MA, MSW, ACSW, LISW-S. Bill has over thirty years experience in managing and leading health and human services organizations. He administers UWGLC, employing by direction of the board such staff as are deemed necessary to carry out the plans and policies authorized by the board, furnishing information and staff assistance to all committees and exercising and performing such other powers and duties as may be assigned by the board.

The Finance Director of United Way of Greater Lorain County is Dianne Brehm, CPA. She has over twenty years of accounting experience and is a licensed Ohio certified public accountant. In her role, Dianne is is responsible for developing, implementing and continuously improving the accounting, financial management, and information technology operational plans and processes.

We are confident that extensive safeguards currently exist to insure the safety of the generous contributions made by the people of this community to United Way of Greater Lorain County. We know that trust can never be assumed, it is earned every single day. At United Way of Greater Lorain County, we are doing all that can be done to earn and to keep the trust extended to us by our donor/investors.


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